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I'm an explorer in life. Curiosity drives me and has led me down many paths.

I am a student of nature and animals as they have informed my work, my writing and my personal journey.  I volunteer and advocate for animals.


I believe I'm here to learn, grow and be of service.  

I'm a writer, researcher, coach and lifelong horse-woman.  

And Horses...

You'll see a lot of pictures of horses here because they have been my spiritual and personal guides. They reflect who we truly are, despite what we tell ourselves or what others may say.  They free us from our stories that limit us. I've learned more from working and riding horses than any therapy or coaching.  


I love to write about how nature and animals improve our lives by bringing us closer to our authentic self. 


This leads me to the Middle Grade novel series I'm currently working on. Of course it involves girls and horses and dogs.  


In the meantime, I'm also writing articles and blogs about horses and dogs, girls, inspiring women, history and the Southwest, which are all close to my heart. 


My Story

After working and living in New York City and Los Angeles, I now live in Santa Fe, the "City Different." New Mexico's open sky, land and light stimulate my creativity and imagination.


When I'm not writing, you'll find me reading, hiking with my dog or riding my horse. I believe how we treat animals is a reflection of who we are, and I am passionate about protecting them and creating a more humane world.


I volunteer for the Humane Society and the Santa Fe Animal Shelter where I work on legislative advocacy and local animal issues, as well as walking and socializing shelter dogs. I'm a member of numerous writing organizations and communities that teach me, help me grow and align with my values.  

I approach all my work from a heart-centered place with creativity, kindness, curiosity and tons of energy!


My Experience

For 25+ years, I've been an entrepreneur conducting Qualitative Research providing analysis and insight into strategy, branding, advertising and new product development across a wide spectrum of Fortune 500 Companies, Ad Agencies and Nonprofits. I've interviewed thousands of people and have an intuitive sense as well as keen listening skills.

Later in my career I decided to find a vocation more aligned with my personal purpose and I trained to be a professional life coach. I learned how to use my little herd of horses as co-facilitators in my coaching. My clients interacted with my horses (on the ground) as a way to learn how to create a life that reflected their authentic self.  And while they learned a little about horses, they mostly learned about themselves.  And, they had fun doing it!


I also wrote articles on-and-off during this time.    

  • I wrote Investigative Articles about the health and "language" of horses and the lessons they teach us.

  • As a Freelance Columnist in the Albuquerque Journal, I wrote a monthly "advice" column for women about goals, transition, and how to organize a life for success.

  • As a Blogger, I write what matters to me, the animals and people who inspire me and how we can do better in this world.  That's my musings, my own point of view.

What do you need written?  Are you ready to get started? 


My rescue dog Willow. A real "love dog."

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