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I'm so glad you're here. 

It has always been a dream of mine to explore new ideas and to write stories. 
I especially enjoy writing about animals and how they impact our lives. 
My upcoming Middle Grade Novel for girls is close to my heart with horses and dogs and lots of adventure.

I Love Horses...

You'll see a lot of pictures of horses here because they have been my spiritual and personal guides. They reflect who we truly are, despite what we tell ourselves or what others may say.  They free us from our stories that limit us. I've learned more from working and riding horses than any therapy or coaching.  


I love to write about how nature and animals improve our lives by bringing us closer to our authentic self.

Maisie, A beautiful gray horse
Beautiful Rescue Dog Willow

And Dogs...

Oh, yes, I'm a real dog lover. I volunteer at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter walking and socializing dogs so they are more likely to get adopted.  


At one time we had 4 rescue dogs, but now we have one, Willow, who we call a "love dog."  She's always happy, she makes everyone smile (even the Vet) and she runs like the wind. And who knows, we may be adding another best friend soon....

I believe how we treat animals is a reflection of who we are, and I'm passionate about protecting them and creating a more humane world, especially for kids.

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