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About Me

Joy Silha,
Writer, Researcher, Animal Advocate 

Making Your Vision a Reality

I've had many paths, and they all connect -- I am deeply connected to nature and animals and I love interacting with people. These are the themes that run through my life. I am very curious, and I believe I am here to learn, grow and give back. 


I am a Writer and a Professional Qualitative Researcher and previously a Life Coach who helped women by working with horses to help them find greater empowerment in their lives. 


I've written articles on and off while I was running my business as a Researcher.  Now, I'm focusing.

Here is what I do, if you want to read more:

  • My interviewing skills and my ability to form a creative narrative has motivated me to write about a variety of topics. I write articles, marketing analyses and blogs and had a coaching column called "Inspired by Joy" in the Albuquerque Journal. My curiosity causes me to dig deep and often leads me on a journey of discovery.  I am also currently writing a book.

  • I facilitate all forms of Qualitative Research, and I believe research is more art than science and requires creative approaches and analyses!  I create a relaxed space where people can express themselves in an authentic way. Research can challenge common thinking and provide unique solutions, but it cannot be a substitute for inventiveness or creativity.

  • Working with horses has taught me so much about myself and has informed how I communicate and interact.

My extensive experience includes:

  • As a blogger, I write about what grabs me, the people who interest me and how we can do better in this world.   

  • As a researcher and strategic consultant, I ask the right questions which results in an analysis or a story that lends insight into the challenges of strategy, branding and marketing.

  • As a freelance coaching columnist in the Albuquerque Journal, I wrote a monthly column for women about goals, transition, and how to organize a life for success.

  • As a published writer in national magazines, I wrote investigative and personal articles about the health and "language" of horses and how they teach us leadership.

I live in Santa Fe, the City Different, after working and living in New York and Los Angeles.  I love it here, and in my spare time I hike, ride my horse, and enjoy nature, the culture and the unique light here. I am an advocate for animals, and volunteer for the Humane Society and for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

I approach all my work with creativity, kindness, curiosity and tons of energy!

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