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Joy Silha 

Freelance Writer, Middle Grade Author & Life Coach

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I'm so glad you're here. 

It has always been a dream of mine to explore new ideas and to write stories. 
I especially enjoy writing about animals and how they impact our lives. 
My upcoming Middle Grade Novel for girls is close to my heart with horses and dogs and lots of adventure.

About Me

I've written a lifestyle and coaching advice column in a major city newspaper; published articles about horses in both local and national horse magazines and written for small and large companies and nonprofits. I have laser-like listening skills, and dig deep to find the right words and ideas that inspire an audience.
If you need a freelance writer for inspiring stories or a writer with solid interviewing and research skills, I can help! 

Freelance Services

Experience You Can Trust

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Freelance Writing

Do you need clear, creative writing that will drill down and capture your audience by getting to the heart of the issue? 

I can help. 

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Interviewing and research look easy.

They're not. 

I know you need to hire a writer that understands your audience and can choose the words that create an inspiring story or a call to action.



As a coach I help girls and women get in touch with their essential self and create a life aligned with their interests.

I have used horses as co-facilitators because they help us see our energy, our intentions and how we communicate, lead or partner. 

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