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I'm an explorer in life. Curiosity drives me and has led me down many paths.

I'm a student of nature and animals as they have informed my work, my writing and my personal journey. I volunteer and advocate for animals.


I believe I'm here to learn, grow and be of service.  

I'm a writer, researcher, coach and lifelong horse-woman.

My Work & My Mission

My mission as a freelance writer, middle grade author, and life coach is to help children and adults realize they are part of an interconnected world with nature. I want to inspire them to understand, learn from, and advocate for animals and the world we live in. 

I approach all my work from a heart-centered place with creativity, kindness, curiosity and tons of energy!

I am writing a Middle Grade Novel, along with freelance articles focused on animals, what we can learn from them, and their welfare. I'm a member of numerous writing organizations and communities that teach me, help me grow and align with my values.
I have written articles and a monthly advice column and you can see samples of my writing here: 

Earlier in my career I was a life and equine learning coach, using my small herd of horses as co-facilitators. My clients interacted with my horses (on the ground) to learn how to create a life that reflected their authentic self. And while they learned a little about horses, they mostly learned about themselves.  And, they had fun doing it.

Prior to this, for 25+ years, I was an entrepreneur conducting Qualitative Research. I interviewed thousands of people and conducted focus groups to provide analysis and insight into strategy, branding, advertising and new product development for numerous Fortune 500 Companies, Ad Agencies and Nonprofits. 

My Home

After working and living in New York City and Los Angeles, I now live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the "City Different," with my husband and a variety of animals. New Mexico's open sky, land and light stimulate my creativity and imagination. I also love the culture of diversity. 


When I'm not writing, you'll find me reading, hiking with my dog, volunteering or riding my horse.

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