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Life Coach

Coaching With Horses

Mini Horses, Girls & Teens


I believe...

Girls have big dreams and can reach their goals.

Beauty and confidence comes from within.

Empowered girls are our future.

I celebrate girls being their best selves!!

It’s well known that girls yearn to connect with horses. They know…on some deep intuitive level that if they communicate with this magnificent animal, they will discover a power within themselves that is free, strong, and from the heart.


I am a champion for girls, and hope my coaching and writing help them navigate the challenges of growing up today.

I volunteer at My Little Horse Listener with Liz Delfs. We conduct My Mini Mentor Sessions in Santa Fe to help empower girls. By interacting with Mini Equines (horses, a mule and a donkey), girls learn to tap into their authentic self.  

Our workshops can help girls...

  • Become Sensitive to Others, Including Animals

  • Trust & Stand Up For Themselves

  • Communicate Authentically

  • Set Boundaries, Take Risks

  • Become More of a Leader

As the minis would say:  

"We are four miniature equines who know something about being different and fearless. We’re only 3 feet tall! Join us for a free program where girls can learn from us how to see themselves in strong, new ways because we do this every day of our lives."

Why Horses?

After working in the corporate world as a consultant for many years, I yearned for a deeper connection to myself, one based on my true values, what truly mattered to me. I was a seeker most of my life, and I worked and rode horses for many years. I knew they were teaching me profound lessons. I realized how I approached horses was how I approached life, and as I spent more time around them I healed many of the wounds from my early life. They provided a mirror for me and helped me to see myself and encouraged me to change.  


After reading her books, I became a certified Life Coach with Martha Beck, (Harvard Phd, bestselling author, Oprah Columnist and Coach). I studied Equus Coaching with Koelle Simpson and was also certified in Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (EAGALA). 


My coaching practice consisted of phone, in-person, and sessions on the ground where horses are co-facilitators (no riding involved). Horses help us see our energy, our intentions and how we communicate, lead or partner.  They are sensitive and intuitive and help us get past the stories we tell ourselves and others. This is a unique way of helping us find our truth and change our lives.


Here's one of my clients who had no horse experience, finding harmony and leadership with Pancho. Notice the harmony in the legs.

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