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W. Bruce Cameron

Speaking at the Tucson Festival of Books in March 2023


Bruce emphasized that he likes to know the details before he begins to write. "I have to know every every single step of the way what's going to be the process. And then I go in and fill it in with what happens."  He's a planner!


He is an avid dog lover, (no surprise) and rescued his dog Tucker from a shelter in Colorado after the dog was dumped from a puppy mill. Tucker needed to be nursed, and through the efforts of his daughter's sanctuary, they found a mother dog who nursed Tucker and his siblings and saved their lives.


A good story in itself, right?  He's clearly a big dog advocate and his books have brought a lot of awareness to the life of dogs. "Tucker claims that he's the inspiration for my dog books. He does not help me at all.  He won't even answer his email." 

Bruce writes his childrens' series so that "every book I write is intended to stand alone, I don't want a children's book to be so that you say, 'well, I've got to read number one before I read number two.'"  So, his Puppy Tales are individual stories about different puppies but they have a similar thread of puppies who have a purpose and help others.  

When asked where he gets his ideas, he told a story about dating his current wife. She had a broken heart from losing her dog and didn't want to get another dog. In order to keep dating, he had to convince her she could have another dog (because he loved dogs). He made up a story about a dog who reincarnates. She loved it and convinced him to write it as a book. And the rest is history!  (See, ideas come from all over.) 

W. Bruce Cameron was funny, warm and a lot of fun.

You can find him here:  W. Bruce Cameron

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