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Image by Aaron Brunhofer


My Experience

When researching a subject you need to have keen listening skills, a curious mind and an ability to analyze what you've heard and discovered.


An experienced interviewer builds rapport, carries on a moment-to-moment discussion, makes choices about when to follow up or when to move on, while making it look seamless.


A good interviewer is sensitive to a person but at the same time goes after issues that might be uncomfortable, but can lead to new insights. 

It's a tricky balance.  And I know how to do it. 

I have over 25 years experience interviewing and researching. I make sure you get the insights and creative stories that go beyond the obvious.


You need to hire a writer that understands your audience.

I go beyond the obvious to find that element that creates a compelling narrative.

My Clients

My clients span multiple industries, and subjects.


I dug into tough, sensitive subjects with business leaders and executives.


I talked to regular people about almost anything.  


I helped organizations understand people who might be struggling with losing their homes, natural disasters or healthcare issues.


On the lighter side, I sat on the floor and played with children and talked to teens about gaming and hobbies.  


I joined people on amusement park rides to see their expressions and discuss their experience.  


I dished with women and men about food, drinks and cooking.

Throughout my career, here's a sample of some of my clients:

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