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Lizzzie Flying Solo

By Nanci Turner Steveson


Lizzie is facing a family crisis that many young girls deal with today; divorce, parental mistakes, losing the home she loves and feeling scared and alone. The author handles the idea of living in a shelter for families with sensitivity and helps the reader to understand and feel empathy for those who might face this challenge. 


Lizzie lacks self-confidence and feels ashamed of her family situation and can’t see a future where things get better.  That is, until she secretly sees a horse named Fire, who lights her up and touches a desire inside. Despite her situation, Lizzie is determined to make this horse her own. 


The book takes us through Lizzie’s journey of secrets, new relationships, her temporary home, and her entry into the horse world. While Lizzie tries to stay positive and determined, this book is not predictable, it has unexpected twists which reflect her new reality and pull at our heartstrings. 


Importantly, this book is not just for girls who love horses.  Any girl can identify with the passion, courage and determination that Lizzie discovers within herself.  And while the horse is central to Lizzie’s focus, this book celebrates the importance of kindness, great teachers and mentors and a solid sense of community.  Girls learn true empathy, compassion and accepting oneself by reading this novel. 


I strongly recommend this book, it’s an inspiring story, about real issues girls face today. (And some adults will love it too!) It might bring you to tears, but also elicit many cheers!


Author:  Nanci Turner Steveson


Publisher:  Harper Collins, April, 2019

Reading Age:  8-12

Grade Level:  3-7

Print Length:  324 pages

Page numbers source ISBN:  0062673181

Available at:  Amazon

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