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Inspired By Joy 

Things That Bring Me Joy:

Power of Animals & Nature to Change and Heal Us

Empowering Girls and Women

The Beauty & History of Santa Fe & The Southwest

Animals Make Us More Human 

My writing is inspired by things that bring me joy, so in some way, I’m trying to live up to my name. 


I'm creating an inspired life which means a life that emanates from what I love, what matters. 

I encourage you to do whatever is in your heart and soul to connect to this natural world we live in – spend time in nature, plant a garden, feed the birds, adopt a pet, hike a trail, visit with horses and advocate for our future.

Most of all, expose your children to nature and animals and make sure they understand we are connected to all living things.


Fall in love with animals and nature and the beauty around us.  


Because when we love something, we strive to protect it!  

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